Quelle école aujourd'hui? (full version)

The current pandemic situation that the entire world is experiencing, has a direct impact on teaching and learning, all over the world.
This unique situation requires us to modify some of our traditional pedagogical practices.

This is also an opportunity for us to reflect on how teaching and learning can be thought of differently.

Our current perspectives on ecological, health, economic, political and society matters, imply there is an urgent need (and perhaps there is still time) to make choices that are different from those we used to make. For me, this has become “imperative”. It is a question of survival.

The document “Quelle école aujourd’hui ?” describes a school which, beyond the current health crisis, addresses what our societies need to do to accompany the re-orientations that are now indispensable for the potential long-term survival of humanity.

Jean-Claude Brès mars 2021