At the beginning of the 21st century, society is undergoing fast-paced and significant demographic, economic and technical changes.

This affects the relationship we have with learning and knowledge, which in turn impacts on the world of education, teaching and professional life.

Funded by the Montes Alti foundation, “Le Pôle” provides professionals in education with carefully selected information, specifically targeted to their areas of expertise.

The history of education, the viewpoints of educational philosophers, the current state of research in different areas, teaching methods, materials and training constitute the five main themes of the Pôle website.

With free access and web pages in both French and English, the Pôle website aims to reach the largest possible audience involved in the fields of education, teaching and learning. The website aims to provide a wealth of information and practical tools to allow each person to deepen their knowledge and enrich their professional practice.

The aim of providing this wealth of information is to enable users to find the most appropriate teaching methods, adapted to each and every environment -regardless of the learning objectives, the age of the users or the subject being taught.

The website will also act as a platform for professional development by giving users the opportunity to contribute and share personal ideas and knowledge.