What else is available in our community to help children who are victims of abuse?

Child abuse is a public health problem that leads to lifelong health consequences, both physically and psychologically. Psychologically, child abuse patients tend to have higher rates of depression, conduct disorder, and substance abuse. Academically, these children may have poor performance at school with decreased cognitive function.

In addition to the systems in place in schools to help children with their emotional needs and safety, as well as other agencies in the area to protect children, there is another one available in Geneva: The Templars.


We know that a high number of children face various forms of abuse or neglect. This number can be as high as 1 out of 7 children, victims of sexual violence, bullying, and sexual extorsions on line, depending on the area, the country. Out of those children that are victims of abuse, 1 out 3 do not speak of it to anyone.

Unfortunately, violence remains part of life for many Swiss children. In, it was reported on October 2020 that one in 20 children in Switzerland is regularly beaten at home. As many as one in four regularly experiences psychological violence. In May of 2021 in Le News, it was reported that nearly a third of children and adolescents in Switzerland suffer physical violence at school.

The Templar association is a non-for profit association of bikers whose mission and aim is to protect children who are victims of abuse and mistreatment.

To learn more about this internationally recognised group, please see below and the brochure.

Association Templiers - Post Tenebras Lux - is a non-profit association of motorcyclists whose goal/mission is the protection of abused and mistreated children.

The association gathers people who share a passion for motorcycles but also, and mainly, a will to mobilize to support children or teenagers who are victims of abuse of all kinds.

Its members represent different professions (among others, psychologists, journalists, police officers, nurses, entrepreneurs, teachers, professionals, etc.) and are members of our civil society.

Their main objective is to give back confidence to children or teenagers whose self esteem and confidence have been undermined by an abusive situation of any kind (sexual, physical, psychological, harassment, etc.). The members of Templar act by accompanying these children, by showing them that a group can be secure, stable, benevolent and protective.

The Templars Association acts on the request from families, who often have exhausted all other forms of requests for help. The Templars Association has no inclination to be a substitute for public services, even less to take sides or intervene in any legal proceedings. This would be contrary to their statutes and to the motivations that drive its members. The Association ensures regular follow-ups with the family in order to show them and bring their support in these difficult moments.

The role is to support and restore confidence and self-esteem to children or young people in difficulty. By integrating these young people in difficulty into their group, Templier members offer them the opportunity to belong to a caring “family”, capable of providing support and follow-up.

Their actions take place in a private setting, by meeting these families and young people, by supporting them morally thanks to an active and benevolent listening and by giving them access to two “sponsors” who are always available, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

To learn more, please find their flyer and contact information.

Templiers Post Tenteras Lux Switzerland
Pierre-Olivier dit “POC”, PRESIDENT
Helpline 0798052222

By Marcia Banks - Researcher and contributor for Anglophone publications for LePôle