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A very comprehensive document from Versailles Academy - in French (2015)
The Versailles academy is particularly active in the fields of New Technologies Applied to Education (TICE) and pedagogical innovation.

Guide for recommended computer equipment in primary and specialized schools (Fri-Tic - State of Fribourg- in French)
October 2014.

Dossier: Teaching with digital means (eduscol)
A key element of the school reform, the spreading of digital practices in teaching is representing a powerful modernisation, pedagogical innovation and school system democratisation lever. It is also an amazing tool to include children with disabilities. The direction of digital in education ensures the development and the deployment of a digital educational public service. It encompasses a general ability concerning navigation and development of information systems. From its origin, ambitions, missions and organisation it encompasses the digital strategy of the ministry. This is a major consideration for the success of students.