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With regards to the materials used for educational purposes, a number of questions arise. These imply a subtle analysis of the problem to be addressed.

- Does the material in question belong to the school, the teacher or the student?
- Should it be fixed or mobile?
- Will we have to work in a network, use the internet connection with high bandwidth requirements?

As we indicate With regards to the use of tablets, schools are acquiring various materials. The Pôle website is compiling and sharing experiences with tablets from its own surroundings as well as those that are brought to the attention of the editorial team. The Pôle website is relaying experiences in its surroundings which are suggested to the editorial team. Our wish is to be able to present interesting practices, regardless of the materials, supports or environments which are used, be it Windows environments, OSX, Linux or Android or iPads tablets.

Do not hesitate to share your experiences or practices used in various environments. The Pôle is not intended to be linked to a particular brand or an environment. It strives to be open and resolutely "pedagogical".