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Educational use

By Mélie Genet


The possibilities for educational use of social networks are multiple and varied. Long demonised and strictly restricted to the private or commercial spheres, many teachers are today reflecting on the use of these tools as learning vectors.

If it may seem impossible to prevent constantly younger children to be interested in social networks, why not train them to use it in the classroom? Why don’t we help them understand the dangers and limits of these tools as well as the unlimited possibilities for sharing and collaborative construction of knowledge that they can offer?

The uses for teachers are mainly of three types:

- To open up their teaching environnement to the outside world by using social networks as communication and oversight tools (stay informed, share, communicate)
- To use social networks as educational tools in the implementation of learning (to arrange educational scenarios around the tools)
- To constitute a study in itself allowing the building of an information literacy (critical use of the tool, understanding the concept of digital identity).

We offer below a few examples of educational scenarios and reflexions surrounding social networks.

Social networks: an educational tool for the future? - Learningworld