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What is the situation in Geneva regarding inclusive schools?

In Geneva, specialized institutions have long been used for children with handicaps. Today, the Department of Education is working to put together an inclusive school. The video about inclusive schools in Geneva talks about the history of special needs education in the city and the stakes involved in the notion of inclusion.

Video prepared by the DIP concerning inclusive schools in Geneva

This commitment responds to laws, in 2008 and 2015, and calls for the establishment of an action plan to be put in place in all schools. To this end, a temporary committee of consultants for the inclusive schools was set up in 2015. This brings together professionals in the field of education who can provide suggestions to those in the government who are in charge of the project3.

Certain aspects of the program are already being tried out as can be seen in the video which is attached. 

Video Portraits – the Inclusive school of the DIP

In the Geneva private schools, the response to children with special learning needs has been varied. Some schools offer a program that is adapted for the integration of children with special needs, others still need to find ways to make this happen. In certain schools, there are structures in place which provide different levels of support for those with learning difficulties. International schools in the Anglo-Saxon tradition are already quite advanced on this path. Whatever the case, it was with a model of the inclusive school in mind that the State of Geneva addressed the private schools in the fall of 2015, and all of these schools are now reflecting on how best to advance.

In Geneva today inclusive schools seem to have become an increasingly common objective. However, it will need several years before becoming a reality in all schools. Yet, as the temporary consultative commission on inclusive schools has written, « Inclusive schools are a project in movement and a path to follow. »3 (DIP 2015)

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Picture of the memo of the DIP of 18.08.2015:


3 Commission consultative transitoire de l’Ecole Inclusive (2015), « Séance introductive du lundi 5 octobre 2015). Genève, DIP.

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