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Pedagogical movements

Pedagogical movements and teacher associations bring together people who have set themselves particular goals in the area of education and instruction. They strive to disseminate the knowledge they have acquired and offer specific pedagogical instruments designed to simplify the education process. They write scientific works, lead discussions, organize workshops, create special-purpose organizations – all while doing their daily work as employees of schools and other educational institutions.
Provided below is a list of such organizations, arranged in alphabetical order.

• National Association for the Advancement of New Teaching (ANEN). Founded in 1970. Brings together schools that promote new teaching methods and sharing the principles outlined in the Association Charter.

• Association for the Advancement of Explanatory Pedagogics (APPEx). Founded in 2007. The aim of the Association is to pursue the dissemination and practical application of the principles of explanatory pedagogics.

• For Equality (CGÉ). Belgium. Established in 1970. Socio-pedagogical movement in favor of continuing education. Publishes the journal Traces de Changement.

• Educational Research Association (CRAP) – Pedagogical Exercise Books. Founded in 1945.

• Center for Alternative Methods of Education. (CEMEA). Founded in 1937. Movement of proponents of new teaching methods and association for adherents of popular teaching methods, organizer of scientific research and thematic meetings.

• Education and Development (E&D). Established in 1984. Group for communications, ideas and new proposals.

• Francas Federation. Founded in 1944. National social federation that brings together various structures and movements primarily focused on the advancement of education, society and culture. The federation strives to make high-quality recreation available to all children and adolescents.

• Education League. Founded in 1866.

• Association for International Cooperation in the Area of New Teaching Methods (LIEN). Founded in 2001.

• Belgian Association for Supporters of New Teaching Methods (GBEN). Founded in 1985.

• French Association for Supporters of New Teaching Methods (GFEN). Founded in 1922.

• Luxemburg Association for Supporters of New Teaching Methods (GLEN). Movement for scientific research and the training of teachers.

• Romance Association for Supporters of New Teaching Methods (GREN). Founded in 1999. Journal: Dialog.

• Central Office of School Cooperation (OCCE). Pedagogical Cooperative. Journal: Forms of Teaching.

• Freinet Pedagogics. International Federation for Supporters of the Modern School (FIMEM). Freinet Pedagogics. Founded in 1957. An association that brings together like-minded people from different countries who support the idea of popular education and cooperative instruction (Freinet pedagogics).

• Freinet Pedagogics. Cooperative Institute of the Modern School (ICEM). Founded in 1947.

• Panote – for the abolition of school report cards.

• Classroom questions. Alternative learning website: struggle and education.

• Athletic Association of First-Rate Education. USEP.