The Père Castor media library

After listening to a radio show from France Culture that presented the Père Castor media library, we had decided to visit it during "a future vacation time". We have recently been able to do so. 

The Père Castor media library is located in Forgeneuve - Meuzac about 40 km south of Limoge in France. 

We have discovered a splendid location, and an amazing institution. 

Of course, some old memories were reactivated several times as "Proust madeleines" when discovering the reissued Père Castor's albums that can be bought on site. These albums that were our beloved readings as children. 

And a fascinating visit from the media library archives enabled us to discover the close links between Paul Faucher (creator of the Père Castor albums) with the New Education movement (Ferrière, Montessori, Freinet ...), his editorial choices, his actions, the values that were his and that have certainly shaped us, as children and readers.

Olive and Jean-Claude Brès, June 18th 2016.