Flipped biology classroom at Florimont institute - secondary level ... a shared experience

Corinne Roussel and Etienne Pionnier, March 2016.


3 years ago, we found ourselves facing students, most of which were adopting a disconcerting passive attitude. At the same time, we were less and less satisfied from our pedagogical practices and have therefore decided to challenge ourselves.  After a year of thinking, sharing and collaborating, we started experimenting flipped classroom in September 2014. 

After 2 years of practice, there were considerable changes in terms of: 

-our work

o collaborative work between educators
o necessity to rethink and create new pedagogical scenarios
o time-consuming classroom sessions preparation

- students
o posture changes (side by side)
o interactivity management
o the teacher: cooperator of the students' knowledge construction

- students attitude

o changes in every student's posture:
 the student becomes the maker, the producer and the actor of his/her learning process.

- learning processes
o more autonomy for the student
o better anchoring of methods and knowledge
o the students are more committed and motivated

The flipped classroom required a great amount of motivation and commitment to be put in practice. The flipped classroom proposes new ways of thinking and pedagogical action but does not in any way impose a unique model. 

This pedagogical practice, having fully met our expectations, incited us to create a workgroup « iCI » (informatique Classe Inversée), which aims to:
-support colleagues who are wishing to experience flipped classroom
-share our respective practice experiences
-pool our resources and our experiences. 

If you are looking for solutions to manage your classroom, innovate, share, if you are lost, ..., the answer is here - iCI - enrolments on the IFP website: http://www.ifp-ge.ch)

iCI is :
- for highly motivated educators,
- a place to share and get support,
- technological watch
- a few meetings per year.

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