What is the children's museum?

Christophe Roux, September 2nd 2015.

A children’s museum of art is a history programme especially designed for primary classes (7 to 12 years). Created in 2000 by primary school teacher M. Christophe Roux, the project was then developed in various educational settings. It has now been formally adopted by the International School of Geneva and the Institut Florimont , two major private schools in the Geneva area.

The Children’s Museum – metaphor for “own personal museum”

Each student is the "senior curator" of his/her own museum in which he places his own literary and artistic creations, as well as a choice of works by great artists, like a true collector who regularly enriches his museum with new acquisitions.

Pedagogical Scenario

After a brief presentation of an artist (painter or sculptor) the student chooses a piece of work to place in his museum. The classroom activities consist of reading papers on the artist and the context of his work; writing about the artist and eventually creating one's own work inspired by the artist..

A work consistent with all academic programmes, but with a cultural bonus...

This work is consistent with all academic programmes but has a cultural bonus. A huge advantage is that it is entirely integrated into a class programme. Therefore students participating in the project not only work on their spelling, their writing, their reading and their artistic creativities, but over time will acquire a true cultural knowledge of the history of art which will accompany them throughout life.

New Technology

The children’s museum uses new information technology: on line educational resources for teachers.; regular use of modern IT tools for students: computers, tablets, interactive table, projectors...


The Children’s Museum is primarily a flexible educational project which can adapt easily to objectives, resources and individual skills. It has been tested and proven over 15 years in very different contexts.

Let's hand over to one of M. Roux's former students whose father offered him a 3 day trip o EuroDisney for his 10th birthday :
“Yes Dad, happy about that but first take me to the Louvre in Paris, because I want to see the real work I studied in the Museum for Children”. What a compliment!

For further information:

Visit the children's museum website.