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IV. Setting of an YouTube account

1. Create a trailer for the channel

2. Determine compatible video formats

• .MOV

• .MPEG4

• .AVI

• .WMV


• .FLV

• .3GPP

• .WebM

3. Download video online

a. Enter in your YouTube account and click on the "Download" button (top right).

b. Select the video you want to upload from your computer.

c. During import, you can edit information. For example, you can decide whether to notify subscribers about downloading of new video.

d. Click on the Publish button to complete the video import.

4. Describe the content of the video

Only if this is television or movie production.

5. Create user screensavers*

* A screensaver, also called a thumbnail, enables Internet users to conduct brief review of the video.

a. Go to Video Management feature, click on "Edit" and click on "User thumbnail".

6. Create playlists*

* Playlist is a set of videos.

a. Click on the link "Add playlist", click on "Create a playlist" (see screenshot window for creation of an account).

7. Add co-authors to the playlist

a. Go to the Playlists folder and then click on "Video Management > Playlists".

b. Click on "Edit", on "Share" and finally select the option "Allow people having access to the link to add video".