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What is Twitter and how to use it?

I. Basic information

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a service for operating a microblog. Microblog is an online platform consisting of short texts sometimes accompanied by pictures or videos. In Twitter the length of messages that are also known as "tweets" (short messages) cannot not exceed 140 characters. This is a social network with millions of users communicating in real. You can find the information that interests you, as well as data about users who may represent institutions or individual persons.

II. Determine the editorial policy

Before you create a profile it is important to identify its elements.

1. Choose a name for your account

2. Choose page layout

a. A profile photo (for example, a logo if it is a company, an association, etc.)

b. Change the background image and the text colours

3. Write the biography of the Twitter account

III. Creation of a Twitter account

1. Go to:

2. Fill in information (see screenshot)


IV. Achievement of marketing goals

1. Understanding of the Twitter language

a. Hashtag #

Allows you to define the basic theme of a tweet and functions as a keyword. (Example: to receive the latest news on the Climate Change Conference)

b. @ symbol

Allows you to inform the recipient that you have sent him a message (example: Message "@lepole_education Hello" will appear on the home page)

c. Retveet or RT

A message containing the RT designation means that this message has already been posted by another user

d. Personal message or DM

= a message was sent to one person and will not be visible to others. However, this person needs to be signed to you and vice versa otherwise you will not be able to send a personal message.

2. Find influential people and experts in your area of expertise and interact with them.

3. Share tweets regularly

4. Track occurrence of @ symbol and respond appropriately

5. Add some tweets to Favorites (= one of the functions of the Twitter service that allows you to evaluate a tweet)

6. Follow the "hashtags" or "trends" (= tweets regarded as a trend and occupying leading positions on the Twitter platform*)
(*a screenshot will be proposed to visualize this section when you create your account)

7. Add to your tweets images or videos

V. Account statistics monitoring

1. This can be done using both a free service and a paid service

VI. Monitoring

1. This can be done using